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Bulking & Stretch Marks

FRUSTRATING: STRETCH MARKS from LIFTING work too hard, and sacrifice too much, to end up covered in excess skin.

  • Option #1


    In some circumstances, a person will have no option except to live with and work on the excess skin.

    But... having excess skin takes its toll.

  • Option #2


    There are so many difficulties involved with skin removal surgery, that it should never be "the plan"... especially since you cannot achieve your DREAM BODY with surgery.

  • Option #3


    Let's do everything possible to optimize skin's health so it can do its job to adjust to YOUR SUCCESS, day by day, pound by pound. Simply NEVER DEVELOP EXCESS SKIN.

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If you don't want excess skin... you have to DO SOMETHING to stop it.

Just Blossoming! Let's talk... ECZEMA.

Coming soon... we never expected this, but look at these results on eczema! Undeniable!

Let's Talk about Eczema & Inflammatory Skin Conditions


    "I was pleased to discover that it's a soft, good-feeling serum that leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling nice. A little bit goes a long way, so the product should last a while, but you don't get the oily, too-much cream feeling that you sometimes get from hand moisturizers. I used this product TWICE DAILY IN AN AREA WHERE I REGULARLY GET SOME LOOSE SKIN WHEN I DIET. I lost about three pounds during the time I was using the product, and DIDN'T NOTICE ANY LOOSENESS. If anything, MY SKIN FELT FIRMER. 

    Great product that (in my experience) WORKS AS INTENDED."

    - ANNALISE, age 31


    "This is the nicest exfoliation product I have ever used. It feels great, it's a treat. And after you dry off, it's not exaggerating to say that this product leaves skin feeling like expensive silk. It does!

    I've never experienced luxury like this before in an exfoliation product.

    I also enjoy the minty smell. Which you cannot smell until you step out of the shower BTW (and somehow it still surprises me). Overall, I really like and will absolutely continue with the Double Gentle polish. It's a great product."

    - RORY, age 41


    "After having my own troubles with the skin barrier, and researching then trying all the major barrier creams on the market, I knew that I wanted to create a complete, immediately functional barrier product based specifically in ceramides. And that it should be thick so it soothes longer.

    A lot of people's skin is on the brink, and this product aims to pull them back to safety.

    My wonderful formulator Vanessa shared her magic science to make it all work in the jar, and it's finally available! (And IMHO it's better than anyone else's...)

    Complete Barrier is a wonderful help for people who are at risk for excess skin."

    Sheila, OptimizeMySkin


    Gym or Spa, the Calm + Soothe Muscle Rub brings pain relief to muscles with a hot-cold sensation.

    This rub brings 9 skin-hydrating oils, yet is a light, non-oily GEL. It absorbs quickly and has a calming scent.

    We love it.

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  • Redundancies in Skincare

    Skincare serums used properly can be near-miraculous, but they are not perfect.

    The "big problem" with skincare overall, is that different people respond differently to actives.

    You need to use a product for at least a month before you can be sure that it works for you.

    When preventing excess skin, however, the stakes are too high to lose an entire month or more to a product that does not help.

    So, we included 2-3 redundancies in key actives in order to increase your liklihood of success.

  • Effective Concentrations

    Active ingredients come from specialist suppliers, who publish the percentage required for a skincare formula to be effective.

    Actives are often terrifically expensive, and unfortunately, not all skincare companies are willing to pay for the correct concentration of the actives. So they formulate products that are too weak to be effective. (This strikes us as skincare negligence.)

    Other companies do what the industry refers to as "dusting": they add a tiny, meaningless quantity of an active, so that they can legally include the active on their label. It saves the skincare company a LOT of money. (This strikes us as skincare fraud.)

    When we formulate, we follow the recommeded concentration for each ingredient. Period. Because your success creates our success.

    And, well, because we are honest.

  • High-Performance Actives

    The stakes are high when the goal is to prevent the development of excess skin. If excess skin develops, there is no way to go back for a second attempt at prevention.

    One client may begin with perfect skin. Another may already have significant excess skin at the start of weight loss. There are post-pardum bellies and on-and-off dieters who seek both prevention and improvement.

    For all our clients, we made the decision to use the highest possible performing active ingredients.

    We focused on effectiveness, not cost. On your outcome, not supply chain.

    Because the product must work, so we brought in only the best.

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