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The Strong Skin Solution (Save $15)

The Strong Skin Solution (Save $15)

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Save $15: You can purchase the products separately, or save $15 when you purchase the Kit.

The Strong Skin Solution is a complete solution to optimize your skin's health, so your skin can do its normal job of adjusting to your successful fat loss -- in order to help prevent the development of excess skin during your weight loss. 

Included Products:

STEP #1: Double Gentle Exfoliation.

This luxe body polish delivers both types of exfoliation: Chemical (AHA) and Physical (finely ground walnut shells) which speeds natural cellular turnover, to yield pristine skin cells, naturally packed with collagen and elastin.

Your skin literally feels like silk.

SKIN TYPES. Formulated for all skin types. (Body only, not face.) 

SOOTHE. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein soothes skin.

ENERGIZING. Exit the shower with an aura of energizing mint. 

GORGEOUS SKIN. It's like nothing else; your skin feels... like luxurious silk.


High-Performance Ingredients

FINE GRAIN WALNUT POWDER. It definitely exfoliates physically, but is gentle.​

AHA. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA): Glycolic, Lactic, Citric, Tartaric, and Malic acids, derived from plants, targets the surface and the derma layers of skin, stimulates collagen production, and exfoliates.

ROSEHIP OIL & WALNUT are powerful antioxidants with vitamins E and B, to help skin recover from multiple stressors.
4oz (118ml) for body areas at risk for excess skin:  Chest, abdomen, thighs, upper arms, buttocks.  

STEP #2: The 2x Daily Massager Serum. 

Redundancy Laden
Advanced Serum
  • Promotes an improved environment for skin's natural cellular regeneration, healing, protection, hydration, and nutrition, for the express purpose of optimizing skin's health.
  • ALL SKIN TYPES. Formulated for all skin types with a neutral pH of 7. For body, including chest and neck.​ (The neutral pH means that some people will tolerate the formula on the face -- but please spot test first.)
  • ​"2X DAILY." Designed for use both morning and evening to deliver a consistent flow of help to your skin.
  • FRESH NEW SKIN. Natural cellular regeneration often slows due to the poor environmental conditions within struggling skin. The 2X DAILY is designed to boost your skin's health, so it can simply do its job.


STEP #3: Complete Barrier Thick Cream. 

Instantly. You've got a complete skin barrier! 

Unlike many "barrier creams" that merely contribute to the skin barrier, this thick cream actually provides skin with a complete barrier. Instantly. Smooth it on, and your barrier is in place.

  • DEFENSE SYSTEM. The skin barrier keeps the outside environment out, and the inside in, to protect your entire body. This is especially important for people who are fighting skin conditions, or losing significant weight and at risk for the severe deterioration we see in excess skin.
  • UNSCENTED. This product is unscented.  (While the Double Gentle Exfoliation polish and the 2x Daily Massager Serum do have​ light scents that occur during use, the scents fade within minutes. Our goal was that our products would not compete with your chosen perfume or cologne, etc.)

High-Performance Ingredients

  • 3 CERAMIDES. A ceramide is a skin-identical lipid that boosts performance of other skincare ingredients as it deeply moisturizes. 
  • LIPIDS & CHOLESTEROL. Vegetable-derived lipids with Ceramides III, IIIB and VI, cholesterol, free fatty acids & phytosphingosine that create a natural lipid barrier for skin.
  • THICK BASE. Rich and moisturizing with plant oils, this "thick cream" will deliver moisture to dry skin.
  • COMPLETE TLC FOR YOUR SKIN DURING WEIGHT LOSS.As you ask your skin to adjust to fat loss, COMPLETE BARRIER helps you to give your skin every possible advantage.

Common Sense Cautions when using a new skincare product

  • Not For Face or EYESUnless a product is made for the face, do not use it on the face.  Most importantly, keep products away from the eyes.
  • Not for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mothers: While we do not have proof that ingredients harm the baby, we also do NOT have proof that they are safe.
  • Spot Test for Sensitivity: All new skincare products require a spot test. We require you to spot test. 

HOW TO SPOT TEST:  (1) Take at least a pea-sized amount of the product, and (2) use the product as instructed on a patch of skin -- your upper arm or thigh are good choices.  (3) Repeat for 5 days. (4) If you show any sensitivity, immediately stop using the product, and please let us know via email.

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