Option #3

Optimize Your Skin!

Do everything possible to completely avoid excess skin altogether.

THE NEW GOAL: Just never get excess skin.


FIRST, Optimize skin's health so it can do its normal job to adjust to change. This is done with high-performance skincare ingredients that have been doing exactly this on women's faces FOR DECADES.

SECOND, this happens DURING fat loss. Not after. Very important!

THIRD, your now-optimally healthy skin is STRONG and can naturally adjust to your RESPONSIBLE fat loss. 


Your skin. 
Healthy & strong.
Day by day.  Pound by pound.
Adjusting to the shape of your body.
Doing its normal job. 


  • AFFECTS YOUR ENTIRE BODY. You can optimize your skin's health all over your body. As opposed to skin removal, which takes place in selected areas, and does nothing for other areas.
  • ​EXPONENTIALLY LESS EXPENSIVE. The cost of 1-3 surgeries, vs skincare every month for the 4-8 months of your diet. 
  • ​NO MAJOR SURGERY RISKS. No anesthesia. No sutures.
  • ​NO RECOVERY. No drainage tubes sticking out of your belly.  No two weeks spent too drugged to drive. No 2-3 days without being able to stand upright.
      • ​NO DISRUPTIONS IN YOUR WORK or neglecting your children or pets. Or the carpool. Or bills. Or the garden. Or the laundry. 
      • NO MISSING WORKOUTS that you have come to need, and the habit you worked hard to build.
      • ​NO SUFFERING. No excruciating chaffing. No rashes or infections between folds of skin.
      • ​NO SPENDING $25,000 out of pocket! You could go to Bora Bora for less! Or Dubai! Or Japan!
      • ​NO GoFundMe!! No public pictures of you looking worse than your worst nightmare. No asking everyone you know and then strangers for money. And then asking again.
      • ​NO QUALIFYING for surgery (or not qualifying).
      • ​NO EMBARRASSMENT if someone sees your skin. (Your skin will be the healthiest in your life!)
      • ​NO WAITING literal years for the completion of 1-3 surgeries, which STILL don't give you the dream body.


      • EVERY 27 DAYS. Scientific studies have proven that the body's entire skin is regenerated every 27 days.
      • ​DO IT'S JOB. Your skin is a living organ, and has several jobs, all programmed into its DNA.  One of skin's jobs is to grow and shrink with your ever-changing body. Growing and shrinking is what skin does.  Skin is designed to fit your body perfectly, in order to keep the inside in and the outside out.
      • ​SKIN ADJUSTS REGULARLY. Think about the massive skin adjustment in pregnancy and then after having the baby.  Think about when you build or you lose some muscle.  When you swell up like a ballon from an injury.  Your skin is pre-programmed to adjust to all kinds of change. 
      • ​FIRST, REMOVE THE TIRED SKIN. Overweight skin is tired skin. The condition of being overweight is extremely unhealthy, and of course bad for your. Many people's skin is chronically undernourished and dehydrated. (The more you eat, the more your skin starves.)  That same skin is being stretched. That same skin may be subject to inflammation-based disease, like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc. That same skin may be subject to fungal and bacterial infection. Unhealthy skin won't perform, so we want to exfoliate.
      • ​SECOND, REGENERATE NEW SKIN.  When the body naturally regenerates the skin, new skin cells are equipped with new collagen and new elastin.

      The Skin-Fits-Kit is specifically designed to work with skin's natural biological process - to equip your skin to "do its job" via:

      • REGENERATE our exclusive SKIN-BUILDER COMPLEX combines fosters a perfect environment for skin cells' natural regeneration process, resulting in NEW COLLAGEN and NEW ELASTIN.
      • ​DEFEND against cellular damage by bacteria, fungi, UV rays, pollutants
      • NOURISH with a blend of 6 micro- and macro-algae, from the ocean, the most powerful nutrition on earth.
      • HYDRATE cells to increase elasticity, fight infection, deliver nutrients. Doctors tell us that drinking more water is sufficient to hydrate skin.

      Your result is firmer, healthier skin that can do its job of adjusting to your magnificent weight loss success.

      Here is What No One Tells You:


      So... would you like to learn about Optimizing Your Skin's Health... so your skin can keep up with your MAGNIFICENT SUCCESS in losing weight and accomplishing your dreams?

      Show Me the SKIN-FITS-KIT


      Option #1: Live with the Excess Skin

      Option #2: Skin Removal Surgery

      Option #3: Optimize Your Skin to Fight Excess Skin!