Option #2:


What is the BIGGEST PROBLEM with surgery?

You never get your DREAM BODY.

  • Not Covered by Insurance. Skin removal is considered to be cosmetic surgery, and therefore not medically necessary.  An exception is when the skin causes debilitating strain on the back or neck, or when physician has been unsuccessful in treating fugal or bacterial infections between folds of skin, over a period of time.
  • Start a GoFundMe. Through the years a number of people have built a network of supporters, then posted their excess skin pictures and story to the GoFundMe crowdfunding site, and successfully funded their surgery. We were unable to find statistics on how many GoFundMe campaigns were successful.
  • How Expensive is Skin Removal Surgery? Statistics run from $15,000 - $30,000+, depending on the complexity of the surgery, how long the hospital stay, etc. (Prices can be researched in your local area online.)

  • Poor Skin Quality Continues. After surgery, the skin on your body is still your old, tired skin, lacking in elastin and collagen.
  • Visible Scarring.Surgery leaves significant scarring. Remember, skin removal is not really a cosmetic procedure, like a "tummy tuck". Skin removal is primarily about functionality -- being able to walk without pain, for example. Surgeons will make incisions in hidden places whenever possible, such as along the hairline, under the bikini line etc. Unfortunately, however, that is not possible on most areas of the body.
  • Incomplete Solution. Weight loss and therefore excess skin affect nearly all of your body. For surgery, however, you have to pick which areas of excess skin you want to remove. Meaning, even the ideal three rounds of surgery will still leave excess skin on your body. Additionally, it can take up to two YEARS to achieve full results.
  • Painful and Time Consuming. Multiple surgeries mean multiple painful recovery periods (Not stand upright for 2-3 days, drains and strong pain medication 1-2 weeks), followed by up to 6 weeks in which you cannot lift heavy objects (such as children) or workout. Recovery disrupts both work and home, and depletes sick time and vacation days, etc.


  •  Not Everyone is Approved for Surgery.  Generally, the following condition will disqualify a person from undergoing this type of surgery:

-  Obesity (BMI >30)
-  Being less than 18 months post bariatric surgery
-  Being less than 6 months at a stable weight
-  Diabetes
-  Smoking (they test)
-  Drug use
-  Pregnancy
-  Plan to give birth in future
-  Past problems with surgery 
-  Past problems with anesthesia


What if I DO Develop Excess Skin?

Despite all of the above, if you do develop excess skin, it is so difficult to live with, that surgery is worth it.  One study showed 97% rate of satisfaction with surgery vs keeping the excess skin. Because having excess skin is so difficult.

We are not against skin removal surgery.  We are against PLANNING ON SURGERY. Because surgery is not a good option. It is far better to plan on PREVENTING EXCESS SKIN.

If you are losing so much weight that excess skin is simply inevitable... 

If you are losing so much weight that excess skin simply cannot be prevented, then the goal becomes to OPTIMIZE YOUR SKIN HEALTH so you will

  1. Be more likely to qualify for surgery, and
  2. Need LESS extensive surgery
  3. Recover with a better body

Skin health is critical for all dieters. 



surgery-g94b0e39fb_1280 jpg


A "last resort" is that bad choice that one is forced to make, because nothing else has worked, and there are no other options.

The medical community regards skin removal surgery as a last resort.  

With so many negative aspects of surgery, it should never be "the plan" from day one.

Body transformation is HARD.  Millions of people across the world and across the years try, again and again, and cannot accomplish.

But YOU can.
And you're doing it.
And that's magnificent!
(It really is.)

You're earning a CRAZY. GORGEOUS. BODY. And since you're working so hard, doing something truly difficult, yes, you do DESERVE that crazy gorgeous body. 

BUT you cannot actually get a DREAM BODY from surgery.

So check out Option 3: Optimize Your Skin.


Option #1: Live with the Excess Skin

Option #2: Skin Removal Surgery

Option #3: Optimize Your Skin to Fight Excess Skin!