100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • ​Our Guarantee enables you to feel safe. You will have thirty days to see how the product works. 
  • ​Satisfaction Guarantee. No Explanation Needed. (Though we are eager to hear about your experience.)
  • ​The Big Condition. ​Please notify us about returning the product within 30 DAYS after the delivery date.
  • Same Payment Method. We refund the same payment method used to purchase.


As a skincare product, we cannot guarantee that you will not develop excess skin, because every person's body is different, and there are several key factors that will affect the development of excess skin, some of which include: How much weight needs to be lost, Pre-existing skin conditions, Skin disease or disorder, Nutrition and hydration levels, Quality of diet, Medications, Responses to ingredients, Consistency in using the product.

Our guarantee is that you will be satisfiedif you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can return it to us as late as 30 days after the official delivery date, and we will refund your money. Before returning anything, and to receive a free shipping label, please contact us at  

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