The Skin-Fits-Kit, the primary product, including the Double Gentle Exfoliation body polish, the 2x Daily Massager Serum, and the Complete Barrier Thick Cream.
My diet starts next month... Will inventory run out? 
Our first (albeit smaller) manufacture ran out in 4 days, so we recommend that you purchase as soon as you know that you want to use the products. Plus, it's a great gift to someone who is on a diet. AND, it's a great way to PREP YOUR SKIN for your upcoming diet. 

​​How is this different from firming or "crepey skin" creams? The difference is Cosmetic vs Health. Firm creams moisturize and puff up skin, usually with peptides, caffeine, etc. These provide instant but temporary cosmetic improvement. But excess skin is not cosmetic -- we need an actual improvement in the skin's health and thereby function, so skin can have a healthy response to loss of the fatty layer below. (You don't want to end up with firm, non-crepey excess skin.)
​Is this a Miracle... or a Scam? Neither! This is common sense. Our founder, Sheila MacArthur, who experienced how effective serums were on her face, and could not accept that "nothing can be done" for her abdomen when she first saw skin begin to sag. PLUS -- we have a money-back guarantee, and an  A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Is this guaranteed to prevent excess skin? No. Skincare products can never promise to work on all people in all circumstances, because everyone in different in so many ways. However, it is so important to do everything possible to prevent the development of excess skin, that it makes sense to try the Skin-Fits-Kit. Plus, if you are not satisfied, you have 30 days from delivery for a money-back guarantee. So there is no financial risk.

Does anyone else make this? No other company makes a product to prevent excess skin. You can purchase the ingredients in other products and combine them. But it would be difficult to apply so much product to your skin, and difficult to be sure the ingredients are in the necessary concentrations. And of course, it would be much more expensive.

​Is this safe when pregnant or nursing? We do NOT recommend use during pregnancy or nursing. While we do not have any proof that it would harm the baby, we also do not have proof that it is safe. So don't risk it, not worth it, just wait. (But be sure to use pregnancy-specific products to help your skin!)

​What if I already have excess skin? It depends on how much excess skin, and the condition of that skin, etc. The Skin-Fits-Kit is designed to improve skin's health. Daily use may help firm the skin you have, or help you to qualify for skin removal surgery.

What are the Common Sense Cautions
when using this product?

(1) Not Formulated for the Face & Eyes: Unless a product is made for the face, do not use it on the face. Most importantly, keep products away from the eyes. 
(2) Not for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mothers: While we do not have proof that ingredients harm the baby, we also do NOT have proof that they are safe. 
(3) Spot Test for Sensitivity: All new skincare products require a spot test. We require you to spot test. 
HOW TO SPOT TEST: (A) Take at least a pea-sized amount of the product, and (B) use the product as instructed on a patch of skin -- your upper arm or thigh are good choices. (C) Repeat for 5 days. (D) If you show any sensitivity, immediately stop using the product, and email us at help@OptimizeMySkin.com

Got a question not listed here? 

Let us know at help@OptimizeMySkin.com